Mistakes people make when hiring a Virtual Assistant – Part 1

Mistakes people make when hiring a Virtual Assistant – Part 1

Hiring a Virtual Assistant is similar to hiring a regular employee.  You publish a vacancy, accept applications, do interviews/vetting, and hire the best fit for the job. The difference is the Virtual Assistant works remotely and the other in a physical office. But, even smart and successful entrepreneurs make hiring mistakes.  Here is a list of mistakes people make when hiring a Virtual Assistant:

Not assessing why you need a VA

Before you start recruiting candidates for the virtual assistant position, identify the reasons why you want one on your team.  You need to determine what skills to look for, qualifications and the scope of work to be assigned.  Failing to understand why you need a VA in the first place could make you waste time and money, especially if you hire the wrong kind of VA.

Having a vague job description for the VA

Once you decide to hire a VA, you have to create a list of the things that you want the VA to do.  This allows you to create a clear and precise job post that attracts the right individual for the job.

Hiring the first applicant

A big mistake is to hire the first applicant you come across.  Accumulate a shortlist of 6-8 candidates with diverse experiences, not just the experience your business wants.  You need a pool of talent to cross-reference qualifications.  Even if you need a Virtual Assistant immediately, it is never wise to rush the hiring process; and have a realistic timeframe on how long this should take.

Lack of Communication

Time zone differentials and the inability to share space can (but should not) hamper communication.  When you hire a VA you acknowledge the power of digital technology.  There are so many platforms you can use to communicate with your VA regardless of the time zone.

Absence of quality control measures

Performance monitoring is important when you have a VA as you want them to be more efficient at their tasks.  Ask for daily reports, set timeframes as deadlines, touch base regularly, and use time-tracking software.


Hiring a VA can be a learning curve and, when done right, will save you time and money and drastically improve your business and your life.  To avoid these pitfalls when hiring a VA, My Virtual Assistant will team you with versatile professionals who can take care of any task assigned.  We do screening, onboarding, and monitoring of your VA.  Contact us or schedule a call right now!

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