Freelancers you need on your team

Freelancers you need on your team

It’s estimated that by the end of 2020, up to 40% of American workers will be classed as independent contractors or freelancers.  It is now easier to hire people from anywhere over the world for one time projects or ongoing work.  Freelancers can help you with almost any task. They are skilled people who offer their services to any business that needs them.  The real limitation to what you can get done is your imagination.  If you can think it, a freelancer can make it happen. 

From creative projects to IT needs, there’s a wide range of assignments and services you can outsource to help your business run more efficiently. Freelancers have the same skills and levels of experience that full-time employees would. Here is a list of freelancers you need on your team:

Virtual Assistant

If you need help with administrative tasks, a Virtual Assistant (VA) is the way to go.  Customer service, data entry, email management, and calendar organization are just a few of the daily, time-consuming responsibilities that will take you away from more important management duties.  A Virtual Assistant provides you with administrative support remotely, doing anything that an executive assistant does.  The only difference is the VA does not have a desk in your office. 


Hire a freelancer to write your website content, blogs, adverts, and digital media posts.  This individual would have the training and experience to create the perfect content to engage, persuade, and inform your audience. They will have the time and resources to research and produce texts based on your aims.

Business Manager or Project Manager

A virtual or freelance project manager specializes in overseeing projects from conception through to final delivery.  You tell them what your project is, they plan it, put timelines in place, set deliverables, and create the to-do list.  Your freelance business/project manager will keep knowledge and information flowing seamlessly in your business; by playing the lead role in planning, executing, monitoring, controlling, and closing projects.  They will play an integral part in ensuring your projects are completed successfully and according to schedule.

Social Media Manager

Social media management is not just about posting content. It is constant and can be arduous.  Therefore, a social media manager is a freelancer you need on your team.  Freelance social media managers are responsible for curating your social channels.  They monitor, moderate, and respond to audience comments; manage social media partnerships; create and/or post shareable videos and images.  They also strategize and execute digital marketing campaigns and gather and analyze the data results from those campaigns.  That’s a whole slew of tasks that we doubt you’d want on your shoulders. So, get a freelance social media manager to do it for you.


Hiring a team of freelancers could save you much time in the long run, freeing you up to focus on bigger, more important tasks; or even more family time and leisure. But before you start hiring, you have to determine what you require of them first.  Work out what tasks you want to delegate and what you will need them to carry out.  It may be that you don’t need them all day, every day.  You just need them for specific jobs.

Working with freelancers from My Virtual Assistant can help your business achieve more than when you try to do everything yourself.  We offer cost-effective strategies that will allow you to take advantage of skilled people that want to and will help, your business succeed.

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