Experience the Power of North American and Overseas Assistants

Experience the Power of North American and Overseas Assistants

Increase your productivity with our two sets of assistants.

We have two sets of assistants, for your convenience.

That’s right, My Virtual Assistant offers North American (USA & Canada) assistants as well as Overseas (Caribbean, Pacific South) assistants.

You decide when you need support for your business and we provide the right resources. You get to save time and money by delegating tasks so that you can focus on growing your business rather than working in it.

How will North American and Overseas VA benefit your business?

Which is better for your business, a North American VA or an Overseas VA?

Unfortunately, there is no candid answer to this particular question. Both options, North American and Overseas VA, have their own benefits. They each have different advantages to offer, depending on what the needs are for your business.

North American Assistant

Our North American assistant rates are generally higher than you’ll find overseas, but you have to weigh that against the benefits of employing a native English speaker and “hiring domestic”.

North American assistants have the advantage of working with clients or companies in the same time zone. If you are someone who relies heavily on your VA for high-priority tasks, then having someone in the same time zone as you to cater to your needs is definitely an advantage. North American VAs also provide an advantage when it comes to cultural understanding. Since you’re practically working with someone in the same region, there shouldn’t be that much of a cultural difference, so the adjustment period should be a breeze.

Communication is another plus when it comes to hiring North American VAs. Whatever your native tongue is, if you hire a North American VA, there’s a high chance that you will be working with someone speaking your primary language. However, this doesn’t mean that communication will be a problem when you hire overseas.

Overseas Assistant

We can’t argue that a North American VAs means that they’re likely going to be more attuned to your culture and level of English. Even so, this doesn’t necessarily mean that it is a barrier when it comes to hiring Overseas VAs.

At My Virtual Assistant, we employed highly skilled and educated Overseas staff with the same level of written and verbal communication from the countries of the Caribbean and Pacific South.

The primary advantage of working with an Overseas VA is saving money. Our overseas assistant’s rates are lower than North American VAs.

For every business, it is practical to grab cost-saving solutions wherever or whenever they become available. One such avenue for cost-effective solutions is through overseas outsourcing. We provide highly experienced Overseas VAs at lower rates. You are essentially gaining access to exceptional skill sets and experiences for a minimal investment.

A common barrier is the time zone difference, however, our overseas remote workers are open to adjusting their working hours to match your own.

Check our monthly plan price package for North American assistants and Overseas assistants on the link below:


Let us help you in the areas you need it most. Experience the power of North American and Overseas assistants!

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