What Are The Instagram Restrictions You Need To Know

Today, Instagram is among the top social media platforms in the world. 

However… have you ever read the Instagram terms and conditions? 

If you want to have an Instagram account with tons of engagement and new followers, it is very important that you respect the rules set by Instagram.

Let’s look at the Instagram restrictions you need to know about:

Follow/ Unfollow Limit

Following and unfollowing are counted as the same actions, there is a daily limit of 200 a day. Your VA can follow/unfollow 10 accounts per hour without your account being suspended.

Likes Limit
You are only allowed to like 300 posts an hour (about 7000 posts per day).
If you like a large number of posts on Instagram in a short period, your account will be blocked for 24 hours. 

Comments Limit
You are permitted to leave 59 comments in one hour or 500 comments within 24 hours.
If you leave several duplicate comments in a short period, Instagram will look at your account as a spammer and your account could be blocked.

Hashtag Limit
Choosing the right hashtag can capture people’s attention, and you’ll get more Likes and Followers. But don’t overuse them. 10-20 max.

Direct Messages Limit
50 to 80 new conversations per day are in the safe zone when it comes to DM’s.

Caption Limit
You are entitled to leave a caption with a maximum of 2200 characters.
Data shows that users spend more time on interesting and entertaining photos and videos instead of long text.

A strategically aligned social media strategy can come with huge rewards. However, it requires plenty of time, effort, and commitment – all of which you delegate by hiring a Social Media Virtual Assistant.

Automate Your Business With The Help Of A Virtual Assistant

To help you automate your business, we’ve compiled a list of relevant business statistics* for saving time in your business.

  • Marketing automation drives a 14.5% increase in sales productivity and a 12.2% reduction in marketing overhead.
  • 88% of small business owners say task delegation allows them to compete with larger companies by enabling them to move faster, close leads quickly, spend less time on admin work, reduce errors, and offer better customer service.
  • 69% of the employees have reported that automation reduces the wastage of time and 59% believe that they would have more than six spare hours per week if repetitive jobs were automated.
  • Professionals take 18 minutes on average to locate a document manually––20% to 40% of their time––and spend 50% of their time searching for information.
  • Automating social posts and ads can save more than 6 hours per week.

A Virtual Assistant can help you put your business on auto-pilot by taking on the following tasks:

Take admin tasks off your plate

Any small task that takes your focus away from big-picture stuff should be taken off your plate. You can assign tasks such as: answering phone calls, providing customer support, coordinating tasks between team members, replying to emails and more.

Setup of tools, apps, and systems

There are so many handy tools that can organize and automate some of the time-consuming tasks in your business. But how do you know which ones are right for you? A great virtual assistant has already tested them out and can assess which ones can benefit you.Your VA can help you get set up and give you a lesson on how to use them.

Database maintenance

Businesses continually have data coming in that needs to be entered, organized, and managed. Your VA can be of great benefit to you as they take this considerable burden off your hands and save you time.

Social media management

A skilled VA can appropriately and tactfully do social media marketing on your behalf to increase brand visibility, boost sales, and draw more traffic to a website. These tasks are repetitive and need a lot of patience, and hiring virtual assistants would be wise.

By working less and achieving more you’ll feel like the success of your business was put on autopilot!

Balancing Work & Family Life

Succeeding in business is time-consuming, to say the least.

A lot of your time will be spent on things that you don’t get directly paid for. Tasks such as admin work (dealing with emails, phone calls, follow ups and bookkeeping) can result in long hours and leave you feeling burnt out. 

These tasks are important but unfortunately, they eat into your work-life balance by reducing your free time and impact the quality time you spend with family or on hobbies.

According to multiple large studies, working more than 40 hours a week is not good for your health or the health of your relationships.

– In fact, working more than 40 hours a week is associated with increased alcohol and tobacco consumption, unhealthy weight gain, and depression.

– Working more than 10 hours a day is associated with a 60 percent jump in unhealthy cardiovascular issues.

– Ten percent of people working 50 to 60 hours a week report relationship problems.

How can a Virtual Assistant Help?

Your Virtual Assistant can handle all types of tasks, such as dealing with customer service, handling administrative duties, and scheduling appointments.

The best part about it is, that it can be inexpensive! In fact, it can be up to 76% cheaper than hiring an office-based worker.

Consider hiring a Virtual Personal Assistant to achieve your goals, all while helping reduce your workload with the talent you need, at a lower cost.

Imagine having the flexibility to spend time with your family, going on an afternoon excursion to the park or the beach with loved ones while your VA takes care of certain aspects of your business.

Learn All About 6 Strategies To Grow Your Business

Are you running a small business or have the responsibilities of a big enterprise? 

Now is the time to take control of your business strategies and decide how you’re going to give it the best chance for growth.
Keep reading to discover six strategies to supercharge your business’s progress.

1. Build a strategy for success
Brainstorm a plan full of strategies on how your business can succeed.
Ensure you plan how you will attract customers, how much will each customer cost, cashflow projections, etc.

2. Boost the online presence of your business
No matter how successful your business is offline, its online presence will determine future success. Having a website not only improves your visibility but also improves your conversion rate. In addition, it establishes your business as a reliable brand.

3. Reconsider your customer experience
The world’s fastest-growing brands have something in common: they are continuously improving their customer’s experience.
From implementing website chatbots to personalized loyalty programs and more! As a result, consumers are increasingly beginning to expect the same from their local businesses.

4. Leverage new technology
While some merchants may have delayed the adoption of modern tech pre-COVID, the pandemic has made it apparent that going digital is no longer optional — it’s a requirement for business survival.

5. Embrace the power of video
Research has found that 84% of consumers have been convinced to buy a product after watching a video clip. That’s the power of video, and it’s only going to continue to influence customers in the coming years.

6. Hire your Virtual Assistant
With flexible hours, no huge added expenses, and a focus on administrative tasks, it’s easy to see why utilizing Virtual Assistant can help your business expand and thrive.
Not only will you save money on overhead costs, but you will gain the freedom to put your attention and focus on your goals for your business.

Learn more about how we can help you. Schedule a call with us!

5 Tips for Building a Win-Win Long Term Relationship with Your VA

With the expansion of online workspaces, the option of hiring a VA is becoming more and more attractive for business owners, although it does come with its fair share of challenges. Communication lapses, learning curves, language/cultural differences, and so on. 

So how do you overcome such challenges to build a win-win relationship with a VA?

Based on our experience here are the top 5 tips we can offer to build help you build a strong, successful relationship with your VA:

1. Foster a friendly relationship

When you work virtually and converse mostly through email, there can be a tendency to forget about pleasantries and “get down to business” when communicating with your VA. 

Fostering a friendly relationship will open communication and honesty.

2. Hire a VA based on character, not skill.

Skills can be taught over time but one’s character is something that has to be present from the beginning. To successfully build a strong relationship with your VA, you need to make sure the VA knows that character is of top priority in your organization.

3. Keep your lines of communication open

Without the benefit of body language that comes from speaking to someone who is physically in the room, many find it hard to build and maintain a strong working relationship online. The secret is to establish effective communication channels and use them frequently.

It’s important from the onset to discuss with your VA which mode of communication works best for both of you, whether it’s through phone, email, Zoom, text messages, or your project management system.

4. Reward results.

As your business grows, you also need to give your VA room for growth. The most basic way to do this is to give performance bonuses/wage increases as the business increases its revenue.

5. Enjoy the process

There are so many advantages to working with a Virtual Assistant – make sure you enjoy them! 

Learn to delegate and let go of those tasks that are weighing you down. Spend more time with your family, go on holiday or build on that new business idea –

Building a healthy relationship with your VA does take some effort from both parties. Implement these tips and you’ll be well on your way to a productive, fruitful, and long-lasting business relationship in no time!

Winning Mindset of a Successful Entrepreneur

Being a successful entrepreneur requires outside-the-box thinking and larger-than-life ideas. Anyone can come up with a new idea, but building a successful business is the real challenge. 

There is no magical formula to succeed in business; however, there are characteristics that all aspiring entrepreneurs should cultivate to boost their odds of success. 

If you want to learn how to build an entrepreneurial mindset, you need to know how successful entrepreneurs think. 

Let’s take a closer look at 6 essential entrepreneurial mindset characteristics. 

1. Independent
This is one of the most important aspects of the entrepreneurial mindset.
Entrepreneurs don’t follow the crowd
 or look to others to be given instructions. Instead, they listen to their gut and carve their path.

2. Goal-Oriented

Entrepreneurial thinking is goal-orientated.
In other words, successful entrepreneurs don’t have wishes and dreams – they have goals and plans.
So, when creating an entrepreneurial mindset, set SMART goals.

3. Not Afraid of Failure

Entrepreneurs don’t fear failure – they appreciate it.

When learning how to think like an entrepreneur, you need to look at failure differently, look at the mistakes and learn from them.

4. Collaborative

Great businesses require teamwork 
– after all, Elon Musk didn’t build Tesla Motors alone. If you want to feel like an entrepreneur, you need to think in terms of “we” instead of “I.”
Successful entrepreneurs think collaboratively and practice their leadership skills.

5. Focused

Successful entrepreneurs are focused on achieving their goals. They’re engaged in the task at hand, never procrastinate, and always prioritize important tasks.

6. Able to Delegate

Thriving entrepreneurs delegate so they can invest their time in more essential business activities 
that require their expertise. For them, effective delegation is a competitive advantage for their business.

Delegate To a Virtual Assistant

As your business grows, the workload will grow too demanding to carry on your own. There’s no shame in getting help to complete some of the daily tasks that need to get done.

That’s where a Virtual Assistant comes in to save the day.

Let My Virtual Assistant help bring you closer to your goal. The dedicated team of Virtual Assistants can take care of all your virtual needs.

How To Be More Productive At Work

Do you ever finish your workday feeling like you weren’t able to accomplish everything on your list?

Try incorporating these tips to increase your productivity and work smarter!

1. Delegate tasks to a Virtual Assistant.

If you want more time for yourself, maybe it’s time you delegate some of your tasks to a virtual assistant.

2. Focus on one task at a time.

Concentrating on one task at a time until it is complete can help you increase your productivity because when you focus on one project at a time, you are setting a single objective at once instead of many.

3. Take regular short breaks.

These short breaks can allow you to recharge, clear your mind and get ready for the next task.

4. Focus on your biggest task first.

Focusing on your biggest and most time-consuming task before any other assignments can actually help you stay more focused rather than working on smaller and shorter tasks first.

5. Set small objectives.

Rather than approach large goals that would require multiple outlets and larger amounts of time to achieve them, consider planning out small objectives throughout your day.

Learn more about how a VA will help you increase your productivity.

Leverage Your VA To Do Research For Your Business!

What does every great idea start with?


It doesn’t matter how big or small your idea is; it doesn’t even matter which industry you work in. All successful businesses have one thing in common, knowledge about their product and service!

No matter what, you will always need to conduct research for several motives, such as tracking competition, finding new markets, launching a new product, etc.

Unfortunately, researching takes up an extensive amount of time, something business owners lack.

This is one of the reasons why successful business owners hire a Virtual Assistant.

Here are a few examples tasks that you can delegate to your Virtual Assistant!

Market Research

Your VA can use the latest market research tools to extract the information you need using the help of their experience and the internet!

Whether you want audience research, product and competitor research, or brand evaluation, your VA can use the right tools to help you get the much-needed information, quickly.

Data Mining

Your VA can help you build a contact database for your business. Using analysis tools, they can search for people on the internet and find the required information about potential customers, or people already in your database.

Competitor Research

To stay ahead of the curve, you must know what it looks like. Every once in a while, you need to check what your competition is doing.
Your Virtual Assistant can keep tabs on social media activity, new promotions, and pricing.
Doing so will enable you to stay alert when it comes to your competitors and assist you in coming out on top!

Travel and Personal Research

Looking to travel for business? Looking to get the best deal?

Get your Virtual Assistant to perform extensive research on the most affordable options.

Schedule a call with an account manager to hire a Virtual Assistant for all your Internet research needs. 

Hit Your Goals WITHOUT Working Harder

To Hit Your Goal You’re Going To Need Help, Not Just Hard Work!

When it comes to productivity, you have a good idea of how much you want to get done. Maybe it’s the next level of your career, or it’s starting a side project or new business. It’s just a matter of getting there.

While it’s true you have to work to achieve your goals, we often overvalue individual hard work and undervalue getting the help of others.

If you’re already working full time, working longer hours won’t help and may actually be counterproductive. Working more than 40+ hours a week can lead to stress, sleep deprivation, poor health and diet, and other issues that will set you back.

The world’s most successful people get the most help. The most productive individuals don’t do it all by themselves.

How A Virtual Assistant Will Help –

The easiest way to get something done is to hire a Virtual Assistant to get it done.

Some still don’t even know what virtual assistants are and just how cost-effective they can be. In fact, Virtual Assistants are one of the most affordable contract professionals you can hire!

You’ll be surprised by how productivity escalates when you delegate tasks to your VA. There are actually many advantages to hiring a VA, you may just find that hiring an assistant may be the best solution for your business!

How To Hire Your Own Assistant

Hiring a virtual assistant and incorporating them into the growth of your company will be one of the best decisions you’ll ever make as a business owner.

Think about any task that you do on a day-to-day basis. Think of the repetitive tasks, that outside of your expertise.

These tasks deplete your energy each day when you could be spending that time growing and expanding your business.

Sound familiar?

Here’s how you can hire your very own assistant!
Step 1: Contact us and let us know if you’re looking to hire a North American or Overseas Assistant.

Step 2: Let us know what types of tasks you’re looking to delegate.
We’ll have 1-2 qualified assistants reach out.

Step 3: Schedule a time to speak with your prospective VA’s.
Choose a VA and start delegating tasks! It’s that easy!

A virtual assistant likely won’t be the only person you add to your team as you grow your business, but they could definitely be one of the first. Ideally, you will be their only employer, and even though the tasks you delegate to them may change over time, they will still occupy a specific role on your team.

Having a VA for pretty much all your needs is a great assistance to any individual or business.

Hiring our VA helps free up more time for you to focus on activities that have a greater impact on your business and life!