5 Working Habits That Might Cause Burnout

5 Working Habits That Might Cause Burnout

If you find yourself struggling with the simplest of tasks, easily frustrated with your colleagues, or feeling like you can’t do anything well, you may be experiencing burnout.

According to a study led by Standford researchers, work stress and burnout are estimated to result in nearly 120,000 deaths and almost $190 billion in healthcare costs per year, in the US.

We have all experienced it at one point or another. No matter how organized and “professional” we set out to be at our workplace, burnout somehow creeps up on most of us when we least expect it.

Here are some of the working habits that might lead to burnout:

1. Working until bedtime

You’re working a never-ending shift in the evening instead of completing work before dinner and having the evening free for spending time with friends or family, exercising, or simply chilling.

2. Mismanagement of time

Does your work schedule include untimely or back-to-back meetings, leaving you with very little time to take a short break? If yes, it is a sign of an unhealthy work routine which may eventually result in fatigue. Breaks are essential to re-energize the body after a period of work and a lack of it can lead to a loss in productivity.

3. Taking no days off

People struggling with burnout often do not take any days off on the weekend. Attempting to work seven days a week is a bad idea. Give yourself a minimum of 1-2 days a week to disconnect, recharge and recover!  

4. Procrastination has set in

Procrastination happens to most people, but when you make it a habit, it becomes a big problem. When you realize that you don’t want to deal with clients anymore or keep pushing meetings to a later day, then there is an issue that you need to face.

5. Doing everything yourself

You don’t have to do everything by yourself. Asking others for support not only saves you time but also leads to a positive emotional state that can elevate your work-life balance.

Hiring a Virtual Assistant can support you to avoid running yourself into the ground, making you more productive and organized. Most importantly, you will see a positive impact on both your work and personal life. In other words, you will reduce stress and be able to focus on your core work.

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