5 Tips for Building a Win-Win Long Term Relationship with Your VA

5 Tips for Building a Win-Win Long Term Relationship with Your VA

With the expansion of online workspaces, the option of hiring a VA is becoming more and more attractive for business owners, although it does come with its fair share of challenges. Communication lapses, learning curves, language/cultural differences, and so on. 

So how do you overcome such challenges to build a win-win relationship with a VA?

Based on our experience here are the top 5 tips we can offer to build help you build a strong, successful relationship with your VA:

1. Foster a friendly relationship

When you work virtually and converse mostly through email, there can be a tendency to forget about pleasantries and “get down to business” when communicating with your VA. 

Fostering a friendly relationship will open communication and honesty.

2. Hire a VA based on character, not skill.

Skills can be taught over time but one’s character is something that has to be present from the beginning. To successfully build a strong relationship with your VA, you need to make sure the VA knows that character is of top priority in your organization.

3. Keep your lines of communication open

Without the benefit of body language that comes from speaking to someone who is physically in the room, many find it hard to build and maintain a strong working relationship online. The secret is to establish effective communication channels and use them frequently.

It’s important from the onset to discuss with your VA which mode of communication works best for both of you, whether it’s through phone, email, Zoom, text messages, or your project management system.

4. Reward results.

As your business grows, you also need to give your VA room for growth. The most basic way to do this is to give performance bonuses/wage increases as the business increases its revenue.

5. Enjoy the process

There are so many advantages to working with a Virtual Assistant – make sure you enjoy them! 

Learn to delegate and let go of those tasks that are weighing you down. Spend more time with your family, go on holiday or build on that new business idea –

Building a healthy relationship with your VA does take some effort from both parties. Implement these tips and you’ll be well on your way to a productive, fruitful, and long-lasting business relationship in no time!

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