5 Proven Tips To Grow Your Social Media Followers

5 Proven Tips To Grow Your Social Media Followers
If you’re running a business in this day and age, building a strong social media presence is a must-have for brand awareness and connecting with your future clients.

Increasing your social media following can be tricky. Growth doesn’t happen overnight for most companies, but there are some practical ways you can help build a thriving online community.

In this article, we discuss how to get more social media followers that truly interact with your brand. Continue reading to learn tips you can start using today:

Promote your social media accounts
Make it easy to follow or like your profiles. Regularly perk up your startup’s Facebook page, Instagram, or Twitter account. Ask your customers to interact with you. Add social media icons to your site; add social feeds to your sidebar. Ask people to follow you on your social platforms at the end of your blog posts. Promote these accounts in your email marketing.

Hold contests & giveaways
Contests can be a great way to get new people to like and follow your account while also keeping your current fans engaged with your social media pages. It’s worth experimenting with contests on every social network on which you are active.

Choose Targeted Hashtags
Hashtags can be a great way for new followers to discover you, but try to focus more on specific hashtags and less on generic ones that are flooded with too much competition. Make sure your hashtags are more targeted so they’re working in your favor. Try a tool such as Hashtagify to get analytical data and alternative suggestions.

Build A Strong Brand Identity
Your brand’s identity should emanate through every post. Decide on your predominant color scheme, filters, graphic designs, tone, etc. Everything you post and comment on should be a reflection of your brand’s voice. People are drawn to brands that have an identity.

Share more video
Video is the most engaging content type on every social media platform, so if you can, it’s a good idea to create at least some form of video content to maximize engagement. Lots of views can lead to increased reach, engagement, and exposure for your brand.

Knowing how to grow your social media followers takes expertise and commitment.

Hire a virtual assistant to manage your social media accounts today and watch your online presence rise.

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