5 Marketing Challenges Facing Small Business Owners

5 Marketing Challenges Facing Small Business Owners
For small business owners, it takes lots of pain and challenges to get through their business journey successfully.

Starting a business is the first step you as an entrepreneur take but figuring out the next step can be even more overwhelming.

According to the latest statistics, 47% of small business owners run marketing efforts, entirely by themselves.

With good business ideas and strategic marketing management, one can easily manage their business reputation and the business itself. However, there are certain marketing challenges that a small business faces.

Let’s take a look at some of the marketing challenges you may likely face in your journey as a small business owner.

Lack of proper marketing

Lack of a proper marketing plan will most likely make you copy your competition’s strategy, which will be just a waste of time and money, as your business is your own and not the same as your competitors. If you have a unique marketing plan for your business, it will alleviate many of your marketing challenges. Having a unique plan will guide you on your goals and let you market your business to your ideal customer more effectively.

Lack of sufficient marketing budget

The primary marketing challenge small business owners are dealing with is lack of resources. Many business owners are so low on their marketing budget that they either attempt to do it alone or hire low-quality, cheap services. The problem with this approach is the risk of doing your marketing incorrectly. As much as there are lots of articles on the internet on how to do your own business marketing, nobody becomes an expert marketer overnight.


Many business owners are constantly working to manage their own businesses. There are times when your business demands you and your employees to put in hours of overtime to get the job done. This causes many issues in the long run as team members are not able to make time for themselves. This creates stress, fatigue, and anxiety, leading to not being able to do work efficiently.

Inconsistent marketing application

Marketing is something you should take seriously. If you’re doing it, you must go all in. Inconsistent efforts are like no efforts. If you spend weeks working on email campaigns, then stop the following month, you risk losing the attention of the audience you started to build. Without a dedicated marketing team, you will struggle to be consistent with your marketing, leaving you with disappointing results.

Struggle to keep up with trends and technology

Technology is advancing every minute and following current trends is not easy. This can be daunting for business owners who are not familiar with social media and can find themselves feeling a bit overwhelmed.

A Virtual Assistant specializing in marketing is a valuable addition to your team. You can offload many time-consuming but necessary tasks to a Marketing Virtual Assistant.

Our highly skilled assistants can handle everything from admin tasks to social media, website, and community engagement.

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