“Imagine hiring ...
Your very own assistants..."

That’s the power of My Virtual Assistant

Inbound/Outbound calls

Cold calling, inbound/outbound sales, customer service, personal calls. The possibilities are endless

Customer Service

Your Assistant can cater to your customer’s requests, 24/7

Social Media Manager​​

Your VA can design and create posts and stories. Quickly respond to DMs, comments and keep growing that engagement!

Website design modifications​

CSS, javascript, all the tools you need to keep your website up to date in today's fast changing trends.​


Wish you had your very own assistant?

Choose between

North American Assistant
Overseas Assistant

Hiring has gone digital

Take control of your BUSINESS

Let us take care of the little things so you can focus on what matters

Top Tier Assistants

Agency [k]nown for high quality VA’s and fond professionalism. There’s no better way to automate your business than through My Virtual Assistant.
Save time by delegating tasks to your assistant. Focus on growing your business.

Save time.

Our team of assistants are experienced in different industries. From high-paced call volumes to formal deal-closing meetings, we have an assistant for the job

No job too complex

Our team of agents are trained and experienced in a diversity of different business settings. From high-paced call volumes to formal deal closing meetings, we have an agent fit for the job.


Take advantage of a dedicated virtual assistant who is a perfect fit for your unique business and personal needs when you get our professional and executive plans. Our support team will match you with the best virtual assistant for your needs.


You can send us your task details by posting on your dashboard, sending us an email, or even by text message. You choose with method works best for you.

We want automation to be easy and stress-free! Give us all the details, we will handle it.

Book a call with an account manager. 

Let’s talk about how you can
AUTOMATE your business!

Content Creation

Email tasks

Bookings, reservations

Excel data compiling

FREE phone consultation

We hate SPAM and promise to keep your information safe.

Top level Customer Service​

If you're running a e-commerce store, you know the importance of a stream-lined customer support experience.

We got your backend

Whether you're running a woocommerce or a self hosted store, we will work to make the necessary code tweaks you need to see your business grow.

Engage your audience through social media

We'll post to your followers, engage with their comments and reply to their questions and DMs. We'll cover Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Youtube

Administrative tasks

We can call your clients for you, schedule meetings with them, set to do lists for you, giving you more time to focus on bigger projects.

5 hours for $5

What’s better than that?

Let us take care of the little things so you can focus on the big things!

$5/One time trial payment


From receipt of payment, we will pair you with one of our agents within 1-4 hours. In the meantime, please feel free to forward all your requirements in advance, that way our dedicated agent can start assisting you as soon as possible.

No, there are absolulety no contracts with us. We hate mickey mouse business and suggest that you and your business steer clear from anything that traps you altogether.


We are changing the virtual assistance industry by providing easy access to quality, trained and certified VA’s at affordable rates.

We’re here to help! 

Please book a time by clicking this link 

You will be prompted for your name and telephone number. Please select the next available date and one of our accounts manager will contact you shortly to further discuss your virtual assistance needs. 

That’s right! You’ll actually get sent a few hand-picked virtual assistant candidates for you to interview. From there, you’ll be able to pick the person that really meshes with you


Let’s say you want 1H of graphic design/content creation and 1H of telephony – pick 2 VA’s that are strong in each job and split up your hours.

0 restrictions or limitations on productivity. 

We have two sets of assistants, for your convenience.

That’s right, My Virtual Assistant offers North American (USA &

Canada) assistants as well as Overseas (Caribbean) assistants.

Our virtual assistant all have their own phone lines and can be

reached anytime.

We stand behind fair wages. Our assistants are customarily paid

more than their local minimum wage.

Our Virtual Assistants are very experienced. Typically, there isn’t

major training that needs to be done once you are paired with

your assistant.

It’s always great to get things done your way, so be sure to

provide adequate instructions and set expectations with your

assistant. This will ensure that you convey all the necessary

information to do a job well done.

All of our Virtual Assistants have vast experience in different

industries and are also super-fast learners.

Most clients find they spend around an hour or so on coaching,

and then provide feedback ongoing!

Absolutely, all our plans are month to month so you can downgrade, upgrade or

cancel anytime!


A Virtual Assistant can do anything you need, provided they have

the information, instructions, and software available to them


Our assistant work hours that suit their client’s preference. Time

spent on each task is tracked precisely by seconds. So there are

no round ups to nearest 15-minute block. You also don’t have to

worry about break times, superannuation, income tax or anything


1. Contact us and let us know what you’re looking to delegate.

Let us know if you’re looking to work with someone from North

America or Overseas.

2. We’ll have 1-2 qualified assistants reach out.

3. Schedule a time to speak with your prospective VA’s. Choose

a VA and start delegating tasks! It’s that easy!

Our Virtual Assistants services use advanced time-tracking tools to ensure the most

accurate time tracking possible. Activity is tracked to ensure you’re getting all your

money’s worth.

Your Virtual Assistant will start a timer when he/she begins working on your task

and then stops the timer when the task is completed or your VA has switched to a

different task.

If it takes your assistant 5 minutes and 12 seconds to go through and sort your

inbox, that is the exact time which goes towards your monthly plan. You will get

regular reports on the total amount of hours used. You can rest assured that you

will only be charged for work performed and not a second more.